Re-Tyre Margaret River

About the project

Margaret River’s RE-TYRE brand and business owner Melissa Dath creates her own line of fabulous shoes, made in Bali, with… used tires!! Light Consultancy supports Melissa with sourcing, product development and quality control.

The Need

For their limited edition, Re-Tyre needed someone to talk to the shoe manufacturer and the fabric screen printer, someone to check on the colors and the quality of the fabrics, the prints and the finished products, here in Bali. That’s us!

Our Services

  • Sourcing fabric
  • QC screen printing on fabric
  • Screen printing quality improvement
  • QC final product

The Outcome

Happy shoes, happy customers, happy business owner. Re-Tyre and Melissa in Australia can always count on us when something needs to be sourced, checked, and improved here in Indonesia.

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