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Business Consultancy

We bring a fresh set of eyes and ears to the table. Often businesses know where they want to go, but they need guidance on how to get there.

We analyze your current business plan and potential with experience and wisdom, taking into account your desired goals and identifying any possible roadblocks. Once we have these building blocks, we go into problem solving mode (our favourite mode!)

Together we design a creative and flexible strategy that is executed to the highest standard, ensuring future proofing of your business and gearing it to even more success.

We are the in-between; we create RELATIONSHIPS and CONNECTIONS; we mitigate risks; we create short and long term business strategies; and we help your teams to plan and execute.

As we collaborate with you and your teams, we work behind the scenes, championing your business, creating unique and transparent business models, and when the time is right, encouraging you to step into the spotlight.

*Company mission, vision, values development
*Corporate identity
*Brand strategy/ business strategy alignment
*Company challenge analysis
*SWOT analysis
*(Re-) Define business challenges based on diagnosis
*Development of short & long term business strategies
*Recommendations for change, such as:
*Improvement of organizational effectiveness,
*Communications optimization,
*Product and service innovation,
*Culture change,
*Sales growth through tools and training,
*Employee engagement.
*Implementation of recommendations
*Identification of new strategic partnerships
*Strategic roadmap prioritizing available resources vs highest impact actions

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