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Branding and Marketing

We draw on our experience with brand creation and product development, and our multi-faceted industry know-how lends itself to powerful and dynamic marketing and branding strategies. We establish your marketing and branding goals, whether you are a start-up, a re-design and re-brand, or a brand with longevity in the industry looking to reach new goals. We have worked with young entrepreneurs right through to international enterprises and have created branding strategies that will stand the test of time. Together, we will determine the key factors to emphasize and highlight your brand and product, showing your market the quality and uniqueness that you offer.

Let’s celebrate your brand, its personality and your vision – with a perfect blend of fun and professionalism.

*Market and marketing trends analysis
*Brand strategic target audience and brand persona
*Brand frame of reference, positioning statement, differentiating character
*Brand values, brand truth, brand personality
*Strategic, creative brand development: naming, logo, color pallets, fonts
*Brand visual expression and tone of voice
*Brand standards and guidelines
*Customer experience strategy
*Internal and external brand launch
*Short & long term strategic marketing campaigns: design and execution
*Social, digital and website development
*Print and publication media development
*Content creation
*Management of all marketing channels

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